About FFC

The CLS English Learner Families For College (FFC) program extended from 2013-2018, and was funded by a 2012 U.S. Department of Education Investing In Innovation Fund grant.

California League of Schools (CLS) served as lead agency. Kate Kinsella & Associates, Families In Schools, and ERC served as our partners in the program and continue to partner with us. Moreno Valley Unified School District was the district served and ensured the program was implemented to the fullest.

The FFC program took a novel approach to addressing a critical issue so many school districts face: English learners who do not reclassify. Our solution was to follow a group of English learners from 6th to 10th grade, providing intensive academic language intervention plus wraparound supports such as family academies, peer mentoring, college visits, and student self-monitoring of data.  We also focused on ensuring all stakeholders created a college-going community.

We achieved an 83% long-term English learner reclassification rate within three years as a result of this unique combination of resources and collaborative relationships.

This website exists to share our strategy so that you may boost the success of your English learners. Access the free guide today to achieve similar academic gains in your district!