Part One: Overview


In 2012, the California League of Schools (CLS) decided to address a challenge that is still growing nationwide in 2018: English learners who are not able to reclassify as fluent English proficient, thereby losing out on opportunities for college and career readiness.

CLS viewed the issue as systemic: districts and schools had not yet devised a system for English learner reclassification that was truly student-focused – that addressed the evidence-based realities of the obstacles they face in multiple parts of their lives. So, along with our partners, we set out to do just that. And as a team that included students, families, educators, and partners, we succeeded.

We followed 325 6th-graders through the start of 10th grade, providing multiple supports so they might reclassify in time to access college-prep courses in high school—and 78% did.

To understand program components and effectiveness, please read through the following short sections, watch the videos, and discover new ideas or resources to help your English learners!